Welcome to the Unity Accessibility Extensions (UAE) documentation!

This set of documents is designed to outline and explain the principles behind the creation of the Unity Accessibility Extensions, alongside documentation of the code and underlying technologies that enable this functionality.

These extensions are designed to aid visually impaired or blind people access Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality experiecnes that have been created within Unity. One of the design goals for these extensions, along with making experiecnes accessible, was to require as little input, or initial bring up to encourage developers to implement them. Unity itself, is slowly making strides towards accessibility, with a new accessibility and inclusivity focus and thread being set up on their community forums. however, it’s currently very lacking in featuers to make games and experiences created within Unity accessible.

These tools make use of native operating system APIs, as outlined within the “Native Overview” page to provide native fucntionality to aid the user.

I hope that these extensions prove a useful starting point, resouce, or reference and when paired with this documentation, can provide you with a good idea of the methodology and process behind making an experience accesible for those who are visually impaired or blind.

Sam Hebditch.